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مقياس التدفق الرقمي



إذا كانت كمية طلبك تتجاوز 100 قطعة ، يرجى إرسال نموذج الاستفسار لنا ، شكرا لك.


الرجاء الضغط على الأيقونة أدناه!

This is not only a flow meter. It can accumulate the total volume. Preset the life time of your RO system up to six filters which accumulate by volume or month (or both). Whenever the lifetime is reached, you will hear a bi-bi-bi alert in every times you use water.

Tutor for setting

Noted: Please lightly touch the setting button gently by screw drive. Otherwise, the button will easily stuck.

1.GPM to LPM

Default setting is GPM. There are four unit can be choose. (Gallon/Liter/GallonX10/LiterX10)

TDS mall

2.Select Filter

Default setting is 1st. There are six filters can be setting. Push Filter button can shift the Filter number.

3.Setting the life time of 2nd filter to become 3000

Default setting 1 st Filter is 100. 2nd~6th Filter setting is zero.

4.Change the life time of 2nd filter to 590

5.Setting the life time of 2nd filter to 3 months

Default setting all Filter is zero month.

6.Double  check the 1st filter setting

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