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Wilemeter System

Senno (Taiwan) presents the WiLemeter System suite of products, which offers wireless remote monitoring system designed to cover the needs of residential, commercial and industrial markets. With over 10 years of experience, WiLemeter has taken its commitment to a new level by bringing residential, commercial and industrial markets the next generation of wireless monitoring for drinking water system management.

WiLemeter offers a large variety of turn-key solutions that include: sensors and data communication via cell and computer to relay critical information to the home or office via the Internet. WiLemeter systems provide maintenance personnel a total system solution from a single trusted drinking water industry specialist. Whether the need is to monitor flow, water quality (TDS), leakage, or other critical inputs, WiLemeter has a smart, scalable system configuration to meet it.

To present a clear picture of drinking system operations, WiLemeter provides engineers and managers with user-friendly web-based reports based on the status of their residential and commercial systems. It provides real-time data with information needed to make quick and effective management decisions.

Even away from the office or customer site, engineers and managers have the confidence of knowing that all the data they need is right at their fingertips. They can then determine the moment when drinking systems are required and determine what is needed. Managers can receive notifications on the performance of their drinking system or when changes in feed water conditions occur. A wide range of sensors, communications, systems and accessories are provided for flexibility of design to meet individual local requirements.

The versatile WiLemeter system provides sensor options for a complete range of applications that include: TDS monitoring, Flow monitoring, Leakage monitoring, Filter Block monitoring, Filter Lifetime monitoring, Pump monitoring and automatic meter reading monitoring.

Communication options available with the WiLemeter data can be accessed via smart phone, tablet, PC and notifications received by email, text or voice mail.

Senno understands and is committed to listening to the needs of maintenance personnel in order to offer the best solution for them within their budget. WiLemeter helps reduce costs and improve efficiency, providing data to them on-the-go. It provides the right tools for fast answers, and is convenient and affordable.

No matter how remote the field or whatever needs to be monitored, WiLemeter has the latest technology to provide data on smart phones, tablets or PCs in real-time so decisions can be made quickly from any location: in the field, on the road or in the office.


Dual TDS in-line output UART protocol formation in serial port 


Dual TDS in-line RS-485 output UART protocol formation in serial port 

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